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is a world-leading cloud-based E-Mail hosting and consulting firm, providing the most reliable, secure and feature-rich messaging technologies available.

Cloud E-Mail is our life

Cloud E-Mail is our life, our passion and our primary business. Trust GMSI to provide you and your organization with the world's foremost cloud E-Mail, messaging and data security expertise.

We are also security fanatics.... So give us a call today about how we can protect your sensitive information.


GMSI provides cutting-edge, cloud-based, hosted email and IT secuity services to businesses, organizations and government entities

With clients that span the globe, GMSI has developed a solid reputation for providing the most innovative, efficient and reliable messaging and secuity solutions

Our nimble and streamlined methodologies allow us to provide greater attention while reducing costs for clients.ds

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our services

  • GMSI Enterprise Mail
  • Cloud Business E-Mail Services
  • Cloud Secure E-Mail
  • Cloud E-Mail Virus & SPAM Prevention Services
  • Intelligent E-Mail Gateway and Routing Services
  • Cloud E-Mail High-Availability and Disaster Recovery Services
  • Comprehensive E-Mail System Consulting Services
  • Enterprise-Class Data Backup Services
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